Hey, I am Sam.

Welcome on my personal website.

You will discover my interests, my writings, and some things I did previously essentially, what I like and what I am good at.


These traits summarize who I am and what I treasure.


Nothing good ever comes without the frequent proper laugh. Serious when necessary, not so much when not.


You will know when I like something, and when I don’t. No nonsense, though I cherish mutual respect and appreciation.


I won’t call myself wildly curious, but I love to dig deep into certain areas and explore new interests or people regularly.


When you have me on board, you can count on me for real. A slow starter, but someone who opens up along the way.


These days, I spend most of my time doing one of the below.

If we share a common interest, let’s get in touch.


Slowly becoming (if not already) a data specialist with various tricks up my sleeve. Especially interested in predictive modeling, MLOps to manage end-to-end machine learning development and production lifecycles, and natural language processing aka NLP.


I have always liked to write but only recently made it a habit. As I have been developing my writing skills, the plan is to do the same when it comes to (interactive) visualization, so that I can beautifully and effectively convey data findings.


Neither an avid nor a voracious reader, but I have my outbursts. I read mostly non-fiction, typically books that deal with business, society, or self-knowledge one way or another.


Got myself an electric guitar, and steadily getting better by learning bits and pieces of songs I enjoy. My musical interest varies between different genres of rock and electronic music.


You will see me doing and watching sports a lot. I have an active football past, and still do some futsal. I like to participate in running events, and plan to run a marathon one day.



Decided to share my writings from 2022 onwards, here and on Medium. You can start with a random post 👇.

Creating a private ltd. company in Belgium

Introducing a Coda template to help set up your company in Belgium.

Coaching lessons

Summarizing the advice from a short book about coaching in sports & business.

The six secrets of intelligence

What do Aristotle and Elon Musk have in common?

Econometrische muziek

Enkele lyrics met een verdoken relatie tot de econometrie.

The sunny side of open-source software

How I got into open-source programming and should be doing more of it.

Up in the cloud

Peeking into cloud computing by passing two certification exams.

Interpol releases “The Other Side of Make-Believe”

Here’s how I feel about Interpol’s seventh full-length album.

Forming functional character-diverse teams

A few considerations about forming a team structure that works for everyone.

Oops I Am Gaming Again (and created a data app)

How playing Pro Cycling Manager turned into a Dash app.

Een poging tot column

Een (oefen)column, over het wereldkampioenschap voetbal nota bene.


These are a few of the open-source software projects that I contribute(d) to. See also my apps.

The sentometrics R package offers a framework for textual sentiment time series analysis. It integrates the quantification of sentiment from texts, the aggregation into time series, and their usage for prediction.


Cobra is a Python library to build classification and regression models focused on performance and interpretation. The package was developed at Python Predictions and applied in the course of many projects.

Data Wanderers is a budding collaborative effort between former research friends. The idea is to provide (short) reusable pieces of code for others to use, typically involving econometrics or machine learning.


This is the research I did during my PhD. Doing more of it is definitely on the cards.

Econometrics meets sentiment

A survey of the emerging research field sentometrics, which is a portmanteau of sentiment and econometrics. Includes the relevant methodological approaches, empirical results, and software.

The R package sentometrics

A hands-on introduction to optimized textual sentiment indexation using the R package sentometrics.

Semi-supervised text mining for monitoring ESG-related news

An approach to transform news about given companies and ESG topics into time-varying indices, from the viewpoint of a sustainable asset manager.

The EPU index for Flanders, Wallonia and Belgium

Description and analysis of the creation of news-based Economic Policy Uncertainty (EPU) indices for Flanders, Wallonia and Belgium.

A mixed-frequency model to nowcast consumer confidence

Construction of a dynamic factor model that augments monthly survey-based consumer confidence with the daily sentiment embedded in media news articles.


I love giving talks and workshops, this repository gathers the ones I’ve done in the past.

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